Begin your kid's learning journey as early as 12 months with our Zouzous programme!

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Tailored to suit their age, our Zouzous Program introduces toddlers to French using a structured curriculum enriched with engaging activities such as games, songs, arts and crafts, storytelling, and more. Our classes emphasize a multi-sensory approach, and each term focuses on a specific theme to facilitate effective vocabulary expansion.

Advancement through the curriculum is marked by transitioning from Zouzous 2 (for ages 3-4), where the Les Petits Loustics 1 & 2 Textbook and Workbook are employed. These materials provide a clear learning trajectory, guiding students through a logical progression of knowledge and skills. They outline the sequence of topics, concepts, and activities necessary for mastery, ensuring a comprehensive and systematic approach to learning they progress to regular French classes tailored for children aged 6, such as Zigzag or Franco classes.

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Prézouzous : from 12 months
(parent-accompagnied class) 
Zouzous 1 : from 2 years old 
Zouzous 2 : from 3 years old 

Zouzous 3 : from 4 years old 
Zouzous 4 : from 5 years old 


    Regular (1hr/week) OR (1.5h/week) on all days.


    $300 or $450 per term (including GST)
    Course material is not included 


    Discover the joys of learning French in a fun and motivating way through these workshops: 
    Les petits chefs
    Children Holiday Camps

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Holiday Camps 

The ideal programme for children to explore the French language in a fun and motivating way! Children are immersed in the French language through workshops and activities designed to educate and entertain. 


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Kids Workshops 

Discover our fun and entertaining cooking workshops for kids! Expand your French cultural knowledges and vocabulary through cooking. Put an apron on, follow the teacher's instructions and cook!

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Exams & Certificates 

Reward your kid's hard work and treat him/her with his/her first certificate of French!

DELF PRIM for children from 7 to 11 
DELF JUNIOR for teenagers from 12 to 17