• The maximum number of students in a class is limited to 20 students. For DELF-DALF Coaching Courses, Focus Courses and Special Courses, please refer to the brochure.

  • Registration will be confirmed upon the full payment of the fees at the counter or online.

  • Course fees are strictly  non-transferable .


  • The Student Membership entitles to all services offered by the Alliance Française de Singapour: library, cultural programmes, Lien magazine, etc.

  • The Student Membership is compulsory for enrolment in a course. A fee of S$32 (GST included) is to be paid upon enrolment and is valid for 12 months, starting from the day of the registration.


  • Continuing students receive a discount on their course fees when they register online within the Early Bird period

  • Continuing students receive a discount on their course fees when they register online within the Early Bird period.
    Discount applies for consecutive terms of full session.

  • Registration for a General class + a focus class (same term) at one time entitles you to a 5% discount on your focus class. Available for walk-in registrations only.   

  • Register 2+ members of your family for the same term and get 5% off the second course purchase. Available for walk-in registrations only. Applicable to members of the same family.

  • Registration for several terms (up to 50 hours per invoice) at one time entitles you to a 5% discount on following terms. Available for walk-in registrations only.

  • Students can register either for the first 4 or the last 4 weeks of a term at 65% of the full price.

  • Available for walk-in registrations only. Discounted course fees cannot be refunded or deferred. Discounts can be accumulated to a maximum of 15%.


  • Only registered students are accepted in class. Registration is only complete when full fees are paid.

  • Kindly produce your membership card and registration receipt upon request.


  • No refund or deferment will be granted once the term has started. No refund or credit note will be issued due to absence of the student for any reason.

  • Withdrawal from class before the beginning of the term is subject to a cancellation fee of 15% of the original price. 

  • Classes paid with credit note cannot be refunded or re-credited. No refunds for workshops.

  • Deferment of any classes incurs an administration fee of S$20 (GST included). In case the specific level is not opening at the next term, alternative courses are being offered. Deferment is a risk. These alternative courses may take place at days and times different from those of the original courses. There is no option for refund after a deferment but credit note with 6 months validity will be issued.

  • Deferment must be applied for in person with the original receipt presented, and appeals must be made in writing to the attention of the Registrar.


  • Classes are not held on public holidays. For PH falling on week days, makeup classes will be arranged up to 2 days per term. No makeup class will be provided for PH falling on a Saturday and Sunday.

  • Transfer from one course to another within the same term is FOC (limited to 1 time) within the first 2 weeks of the term; after which, a $20 admin fee is chargeable for every transfer of registration.

  • Transfers can only be done in person at the registration desk. Higher price differences are to be paid by the student. Lower price differences are not reimbursed by Alliance but compensated by credit notes.

  • Students cannot make up for a missed class by attending a similar class on a different day/time. Makeup classes are available at S$90/hour (for one student) or S$130/hour (for 2 to 3 students of the same class) if you missed a class and want to catch up. Maximum 3 hours per term. The 4th hour will be applied at private tuition rate. Fees include GST.

  • Makeup classes are to be taken within the same term of the missed class or within the 2 first weeks of the following term and under the condition to be registered in a regular course.

  • Remote option is limited to student who is unable to attend classes in-person due to medical reason and/or overseas business trip with official documents provided. Request for remote option to be send to the Registration Team at least 24 hours before the class.  There will be no recording of the remote class via ZOOM.


  • When classes have a very low enrolment rate, options for joining equivalent groups are offered.

  • Cancellation is the last option considered. In this case, deferment is not subject to admin fees.

  • In case of cancellation, students can choose either a full refund, a credit note (valid for 6 months) or a deferment to the next term.

  • Those opting for a deferment to the next term must be aware that the specific level may not be offered or may only be offered at a different day/time.


  • Membership cards, Alliance Française de Singapour Certificates can be reproduced at a fee of S$17 (GST included) each.

  • International examination certificates (DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF, DFP) can be reproduced at a fee of S$65 (GST included) each.


  • School certificate must be collected within 1 year of the date of issue, after which a fee of S$17 (GST included) per certificate will be charged.

  • Certificates uncollected after 1 year will be discarded.

  • Requests for Attendance Record or Letter of Registration for classes attended are provided free of charge.

10. Alliance Française (AF) Management

  • AF reserves the right to assign any teacher to any class. Teacher rotation will be exercised periodically.

  • AF reserves the right to divide, combine, cancel or reduce hours for any classes as it deems necessary.

  • AF reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, as it deems necessary, without advance notification.

11. Consent for use of Photographs and Audio-Visual material 

  • During our activities, encompassing classes, workshops, talks, exhibition tours, etc., photographs may be periodically taken. These images may be used in various communication materials such as brochures, websites, social media platforms, etc., to promote the services and activities of our institution.
    Should any individual prefer that their photograph not be used for communication purposes, we kindly request them to directly contact us at communication@alliancefrancaise.org.sg.