Tailored to meet your specific needs, customised private lessons are ideal for busy schedules and will allow you to learn efficiently at your own pace.  

Need something special? We help you to design your class.

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This course is customised for individuals. Whatever your goal, lessons are tailor-made according to your schedule and particular needs. 

Fees (2023)
In Alliance Française premises/online: 
1 student
1-8hours : $118
9+ hours: $112
24+ hours: $108

At your premises:  
1 student
1-8hours : $198
9+ hours: $188
24+ hours: $178

Small group


Small group tuitions are customised courses for groups of 2 to 6 participants. Lessons are tailored to your specific learning goals and availabilities. 

In Alliance Française premises/online: 
2-6 students 
1-8hours : $180
9+ hours: $170
24+ hours: $160

At your premises:  
2 - 6 students
1-8hours : $250
9+ hours: $240
24+ hours: $220

(Final year IB/O,A levels)

Only for Individual coaching/ At AF only
1-8h : $140 per hour
9h+ :  $130            
24h+ : $125     


              1) Lessons are available for adults, kids and teens at all levels of proficiency,
              2) No private tuition on weekends.
              3) Cancellation and postponement require a 24 hour notice.

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              Alliance Française de Singapour is registered as a Private Education Institution under the provisions and regulations of the Private Education Act 2009 (Chapter 247A) with the Committee for Private Education of Singapore from 29 September 2019 to 28 September 2023.
              UEN: S61SS0085C