TEF (Test d'évaluation de français) and TCF (Test de connaissance du français) are reliable measurements of language proficiency. 

Alliance Française offers the possibility to sit for the standardised test of the Paris Chamber of Commerce (TEF) or from the French Ministry of Education (TCF).

 To enter French universities and to apply for admission to Grandes Ecoles
 To immigrate to Canada or Quebec and to apply for French citizenship (TEF French Citizenship, TEF Canada, TEF & TCF Québec)
 For  2020 application to French Universities and schools (one session of TCF DAP will be held on 9th of February, kindly contact Campus France for more information on the registration process).

Validity: 2 years

For a complete overview of 2020 exams calendar, click here.

Exam fees 2020

TEF/TCF épreuves obligatoires
TEF/TCF épreuve optionnelle
TEF/TCF Nationalité française

TEF/TCF Canada (4 épreuves)

TEF/TCF Québec (2 épreuves)

TEF/TCF Québec (4 épreuves)

All prices are GST included. 
  Please note that a passport size picture is requested for all versions of the TCF exam, you may send it through email.

Get ready for TEF with PREPMYFUTURE!

PrepMyFuture is an online platform designed in partnership with CCI Paris Ile-de-France that allows you to train for all versions of the TEF.
This online training covers the 5 tests (reading comprehension, written production, structure and vocabulary, listening comprehension and oral production), offers activities and exercises as well as official mock-up exams.
Click below to purchase your PrepMyFuture preparation package and contact Baptiste CHAUVEAU (academic@alliancefrancaise.org.sg or 6817 8170) to get your ID and password.

Preparation in actual exam conditions :
– Replicates the TEF exam conditions
– Audio recordings and scripts
– A modern, easy to use interface

Course sheets and training
– Course sheets covering each concept
– Solving tips and techniques
– Adaptative trainings for every course sheet

Full performance analysis
– Auto-corrected exercises
– Detailed explanations
– Highlights your strength and weaknesses

Preparatory classes can also be arranged any time, in private or small group tuitions.
For further information, please contact Baptiste CHAUVEAU (academic@alliancefrancaise.org.sg ) or call 6817 8170. 


From April 2020, the TEF & TCF French Citizenship exams will evolve from 2 to 4 parts as requested by the French Ministry of Home Affairs (read more here).
As for January 2017 , there is no longer hard copy certificate edited for TEFAQ and TEF for French citizenship. Candidates will receive it by email.  
Please note that to replace/duplicate any international examination certificate, a fee of $65.00 will apply.

For more information on TEF / TCF exams, please contact Baptiste Chauveau at academic@alliancefrancaise.org.sg  or call 6817 8170.