Pre-Zouzous Aged 12-24 months
As early as 12 months, children can be exposed to a foreign language as their natural abilities help them to master a language rapidly and easily while boosting the intellectual competencies. Pre-Zouzous classes follow rituals that are important for children, help them to develop their motricity while being immersed into French language. Classes are very muc focused on a multisensory approach feeding the curiosity of the children with their learning environment.
One adult (ideally either the mother or the father) attends the class, creating a bond between the child and the parent.

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For more information on the benefits of learning languages for young children, click here

8 weeks – Once a week
45 minutes per class / 6 students + 6 adults (parents or relatives) per class /
$250 per session (incl. GST)
Classes offered on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday from 9.30am to 10.15am and on Saturday morning and afternoon.

Zouzous Aged 2 to 5 years old
A gentle introduction to the French-speaking world, children engage in playful activities through songs, dance, stories, games, and more. Children are encouraged to form and understand new sounds. Placed in groups according to age, children learn new words and language structures, using them in fun, age-appropriate activities like arts and crafts, songs, dance, games, stories and films. During snack time, toddlers practise lively routines in French demonstrating the French savoir-vivre.

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For more information on the benefits of learning languages for young children, click here

Up until the Zouzous 3 class, children are mixed whatever their level of competence in French language. Bilingual classes start at the Zouzous 4 class. All the activities do take into account the phases of development of the children, especially at the motor and language building levels; hence the importance to register your child in the age-appropriate group:

Zouzous 1: French class for the 2 years old – your child has to be at least 2 years old when the session starts and not more than 2 years and 11 months old
Zouzous 2: French class for the 3 years old – your child has to be at least 3 years old when the session starts and not more than 3 years and 11 months old
Zouzous 3: French class for the 4 years old – your child has to be at least 4 years old when the session starts and not more than 4 years and 11 months old
Zouzous 4: French class for the 5 years old – your child has to be at least 5 years old when the session starts and not more than 5 years and 11 months old

8 weeks – once or twice a week
90 minutes per class / 9 students per class
Once a week: $390 per session (incl. GST)
Classes offered on weekdays and Saturdays, either in the morning of afternoon.
Twice a week: $710 per session (incl. GST) – for greater exposure and immersion
Classes offered on Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday and Wednesday/Friday, either in the morning or afternoon.

Related program at the Alliance française Médiathèque: the storytelling hour, every Wednesday from 3.30pm. Please RSVP to Catherine Foucher, Head Librarian, if you would like to attend:

Zouzous bilingual Aged 5
Starting at the Zouzous 4 level (for children aged 5), children can join bilingual classes on the condition that their listening comprehension and oral production is that of a native child. Indeed, in this class, the activities led by the teachers are similar to those offered in a French preschool. Activities are age-appropriate and focus more on developing speech complexity: children do build a solid basis in French language though various themes and continue to work on phonetics as well as enriching their vocabulary through the use of albums helping develop reading comprehension.

This class is the preparation class for children to register in FrancoKids 1 class.

NEW children have to take a placement test prior to any registration to assess their level in French. Please contact the reception to arrange an appointment: 6737 8422

8 weeks – once a week
120 minutes per class / 9 students per class
$410 per session (incl. GST)

Holiday Fun in French Day Camps


4 weeks – from 21 November to 15 December 2016 

Dive your child into French language and culture! During the holiday day camps, children are immersed in the French language through workshops and activities designed to educate and entertain. Learning French is fun! Through thematic weeks, children embark on a voyage into a sensory, imaginary, creative and magical world. Each week, children explore French language and culture through story-telling, theater, arts and craft, singing, dancing, yoga sessions, sports activities and other workshops while developing strong communication skills in French! Activities are tailored according to age groups with age adequate projects. Ideal program for children to progress quickly and/or to have a fresh start with French language!

Activities differ per week session. Multiple session registration is encouraged for greater immersion and results. Children are grouped according to their age. According to the number of students, group level may be created. Classes are exclusively conducted in French by highly trained native French speaking teachers: Anne Baillehache, Pascale Lambert, Alice Rossi, Sushma Rajeev.

holiday camps
holiday camps 2 

Register for 1 to 4 weeks!

Age group 1:      5 – 7 years old
Age group 2:      8 – 11 years old

Monday to Thursday  – 2 hours per day (8 hours a week)


Register for 4 weeks: 10% discount
Register for a minimum of 2 weeks: 5% discount

Available for registration in person only, online registration will receive a credit note instead.



These objectives will be achieved through the use of different themes that will vary every week.

Socialization and Interpersonal Skills: Children learn to work in a group setting and develop social skills, including respect, patience, and independence. Emphasis will be placed on family structures and traditions. Throughout the year, children will be encouraged to respect themselves and their community.

Language Arts: Children will learn to express themselves in groups, verbalize their feelings, ask questions, and use progressively more complex sentences. They will also learn about books, build their vocabulary. Teaching is conducted exclusively in French to fully immerse the children in the language.

Motor Skills: Children will enjoy daily physical activities—free play or with specific instruction—that improve balance and spatial awareness. Music and dance activities will help children develop physical awareness and expression. First steps to handwriting will be taught through drawing, painting, and art projects.

All along the week, communicative skills will be developed by immersing children into French language and culture: listening comprehension, oral production and, according to the age of the children, reading comprehension and writing production. Thanks to a great diversity of adequate age appropriate activities, from arts and craft to songs, rimes and lullabies, children learn to produce grammatically correct simple sentences in relation to their daily life and centre of interest enrich the vocabulary.


Week 1 (21 to 24 November): All about Me
(Me, My Family, My Hobbies, The World around Me)

Week 2 (28 November to 1 December): Motor Activities
(Games, Dances, Movements and name my body parts)

Week 3 (5 to 8 December): Christmas Countdown
(Cards, My Christmas Tree and Homemade Decorations)

Week 4 (12 to 15 December): Christmas Day
(Christmas Tales, Carols and Cooking!)


- Le monde fabuleux du cirque (the fabulous world of a circus)

- Les cinq sens et l’Art (the 5 senses and Art) – arts and craft and cooking workshops

- La magie de Noel (the magic of Christmas)

- Le spectacle de fin d’année (the end of the year show!)