Beginner A1 – Adomania 1

This class is for great beginners. No French level required.

Textbook and workbook: Adomania 1 (material may be purchased online or from AF bookshop)

Programme: The Beginner A1 level programme is divided into 8 units. Each unit will take one term to be completed. Unit 8 is the last level of Beginner A1 level. Your teenager can then continue at the A1.2/A2.1 Level with Adomania 2 textbook.

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Days: weekdays 4.30-6pm or Saturdays 12-1.30pm
Duration: 8 weeks for one unit
Hours: 1.5 hours/class/week (12 hours)
Price: $260 per session (including GST)

Do not hesitate to send us a message or call us at 67378422 should you have any questions

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