Le francais dans tous les sens

Superior and Expert levels

Keep up with your proficiency level and open up to new horizons through French, be it job perspectives or cultural areas. Various topics such as French society, business in France, French history and geography, literature, cinema, fashion, food and wine, the media, make this course the best way to have a French scope!

Teacher: A different teacher conducts the class each term.


Les mœurs françaises à travers les siècles.Teacher : Nicolas TROUSSET

Everything that is taken for granted today in our everyday lives was once something new and most likely controversial. Let’s travel to France four centuries back to the beginning of the XVIIth century, where our journey starts. From there, we will progressively follow the different periods of time as they unfold throughout the XVIIIth, XIXth and early XXth, when we reach our destination. Every class will be the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a new era.

We will focus on various stories that are often forgotten by History : we will witness the birth of the chest of drawers, how the fork was a devilish tool, we will dress men with “culottes” and women with “paniers”, we will discover how a small French village in the countryside became the symbol of the rebellion in arts against the academy. This astounding and exhausting trip will end under the benevolent and watchful eye of the green fairy at the turn of the XXth, le “début de siècle”.

Join us and get on board for a time travel that will allow us to share and discuss about what used to be considered a revolution and that we call today a tradition.


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Day: Saturday
Time: 2.30-5.30pm
Duration: 8 weeks
Hours: 3 hours/class/ week (24 hours)
Price: $410 per term (including GST)


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