PIO MARMAÏ| November

From November 9th to November 19th 2017, Singapore celebrates French Cinema with its annual French Film Festival.

In this Festival, you will be introduced to Pio Marmai, who starred in Ce qui nous lie, a famous French actor who we will pay tribute to in our CINE-CLUB November.

On top of his charming looks, Pio is a talented actor with a vibrant personality, and for that he often appears in many French comedies.

Be seduced by him in La Toute Première Fois, where his character, Antoine, is left confused about his sexuality. Directed by Noémie Saglio and Maxime Govare, the film won the Grand Prize at the 18th International Comedy Film Festival at Alpe d’Huez. Then after, we follow Pio again, in Maestro, a film about art cinema.

’The art of acting is not something you can learn on the streets, it takes time and patience’’ Pio Marmaï

“Le métier d’acteur, c’est pas un truc que tu chopes dans la rue. Je revendique ma maturation.”





MODE| December

In December, it is fashion month at Alliance Francaise! To celebrate our collaboration with Digital Fashion week, we invite you to enter the universe of French fashion. With the fashion films lined up in Cine Club December, you will learn the timelessness of French style and elegance.

Be seduced by Les Demoiselles de Rochefort with Catherine Deneuve in this musical romantic comedy. The director Jacques Demy is a source of inspiration for ready-to-wear fashion. Then you will discover Ana Girardot and her exquisite Luxe embroidery in Le Beau Monde. To round up the fashion month, let’s watch Dior et Moi and follow the famous designer, Raf Simons, into the fashion house of Christian Dior.

’The creators love cinema. However, only a few directors are interested in exploring the costumes and clothes used in film. Jacques Demy is the exception. He brilliantly combines the two universes: cinema and fashion.’’ Helene Guillaume, Figaro journalist

‘’Les créateurs aiment le cinéma. À l’inverse, peu de réalisateurs ont nourri un intérêt, une réelle curiosité envers la mode. Ce qui fait de l’œuvre de Jacques Demy une source d’inspiration du prêt-à-porter jamais démentie.’’