In line with government indications, we’re giving you an overview of what’s happening at Alliance Française, including any information you may need.


All classes will resume at Alliance Française' premises on Monday 28 June, for the beginning of Term D, with a strict respect of safe management measures. 

Students and staff must wear masks when at Alliance Française. Face shields will only be allowed for medical reasons. Young children are encouraged to also wear masks (face shields should not be used as a substitute for mask wear, except for medical exceptions, or where the child is 12 years or younger).

In classroom, group works will be done in groups of not more than 5 people, in line with the permitted group size for social gatherings. 

All activities will be strictly cohortised by class. 

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Cinema activities are still caped at 50 persons, but groups of 5 pax will be allowed from 14 June.

Eating and drinking will still be forbidden inside the theatre. 


From 14 June 2021, the rules are the following:.

·        Access is reserved for members of Alliance Française and is limited to 1 person per individual membership (or 1 child + 1 adult if the member is under 12 years old) and 4 people per family membership.
·          Library users will be required to make an appointment on Saturdays; only students who have classes on that day do not need to reserve a slot. Guests without appointments will not be allowed to enter. 
·        Guests will be required to sanitise their hands before entering the library. 
·        Capacity: 10 people max, respecting the rules of social distancing.
·        Duration: 30 minutes. – 3 people can stay up to 2 hours, except during crowded periods (Saturdays)
·        On-site reading of the library's resources (magazines, comics, etc.) is not permitted.

Opening hours

Tue - Fri 10am - 7pm
Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm
Mon, Sun & PH Closed

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The capacity is limited to 8 persons and groups of 5 pax will be allowed from 14 June.


Café Diabolo will welcome guests back for dine-in from Monday 21 June, in groups of 5 pax. Delivery and take-away are still available in the meantime.

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Check-ins must be performed using the TraceTogether app or a token.

Members/students who are unwell, or who have household members on Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice or have adult household members with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, shall not come to Alliance Française.

In addition, we thank external parties (e.g. parents) to minimize their come to Alliance Française as much as possible.

Alliance Française will organize more frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces and disinfection of premises done daily.