From 24 to 26 May 2019

Get ready for 10 short films screenings, 5 premiere movies, 1 masterclass with an  animator, and 1 VR art exhibition!

This year again, FAFF is back for its 8th edition, presenting a unique selection of French animation films!
Discover the captivating story of Dilili in Belle Epoque Paris, dive into the tiny world of Minuscule and join Phantom Boy in his incredible journey through New York City, and much more!

Adults are not outdone with two movies screenings in one night: Wardi and Un homme est mort, and our Courts la nuit short movie free event.




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Ticketing Information | At Alliance Française Theatre, Level I

Regular screenings start from: S$8.00 (AF members) and S$10.00 (non-members)
Opening night: 
Tickets : S$16.00 (AF members) and S$19.00 (non-members)
Masterclass & “Shorts at night” screening are free. Limited seats, registration is required. 



(Dilili in Paris)


Screening will be followed by a Q&A with Jean-Claude Charlesanimator and assistant director on the film 

Preceded by the short film The Green Bird (7mins) 

Date: Friday 24 May 

Cocktail at 7pm | Screening at 8pm 

Rating: PG13 – Brief nudity

In French with English subtitles

France, Germany, Belgium, 2018, 95mins

Director: Michel Ocelot 

Voices: Enzo Ratsito, Natalie Dessay, Elisabeth Duda, Prunelle Charles-Ambron 

Genre: Animation, Family 

César Award 2019 for Best animated film 

Synopsis:  Dilili is a young Kanak girl living in Belle Epoque Paris. With her friend, a scooter delivery man, they investigate mysterious kidnapping of little girls. During her inquiry, she crosses paths with extraordinary men and women who help her by giving her clues. She faces the villainous organisation of the Male Masters. Together with her friend, they will brave every danger to liberate the kidnapped girls and brighten again the life in Paris. 

For children from 7 years old.

Tickets:  $16 (AF members); $19 (Non-members) | Book now



(Minuscule 2: Mandibles from Far Away) 

Date: Saturday 25 May – 4pm 

Rating: G 
No dialogue 
France, 2019, 92mins
DirectorsThomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud 

Genre: Animation, Family 


The weather is getting cold, and it’s almost snowing in the valley. All insects have to start preparing reserves for the winter. Each of them has their own technique, but sometimes, they have to team up to fulfill their goals. Unfortunately, a little ladybug remains trapped in a box sent to… the Caribbean! It’s time for all its friends to gather and start a new adventure to rescue the little ladybug! New world, new dangers, will they arrive on time? 

For children from 3 years old. 

Tickets:  $13 (AF members); $15 (Non-members)  | Book now


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(The Tower) 


Date: Saturday 25 May – 8pm 

Preceded by the short film The Ostrich Politic (6min25)   GOBELINS School 

Rating: NC 16 - Some drug use
In English  

France, Norway, Sweden, 2019, 80 mins
Director: Mats Grorud 

Voices: Pauline Ziade, Aïssa Maïga, Saïd Amadis 

Genre: Animation, Drama  


Wardi is a young Palestinian girl living with her family in a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. She was born there, just like three generations of her family. It is Sidi, her great-grandfather who settled there after having been expelled from his village in 1948. One day, Sidi entrusts her with the key of his former house in GalileeHas her great-grandfather lost hope to return home one dayHere begins Wardi’s quest for hope 




(A Man is Dead) 


Rating: NC16 – Some drug use
In French with English subtitles 

France, 2019, 66mins
Director: Olivier Cossu 

Genre: Animation, Documentary, Drama  


Brest, 1950. The working class is being exploited for the post-World War 2 reconstruction effort. Labour unions decide to go on strike to demand better salaries. During a demonstration, the police shoots at the crowd and kills Edouard Mazé, one of the demonstrators. A filmmaker, René Vautier, is summoned by the Labour unions to make a film about the strikes and the workers’ conditions. The film is shown across the region accompanied by Paul Eluard’s poem “A Man is Dead”. 

A Man is Dead is adapted from the documentary comics A Man is Dead. 

Tickets for the evening  $13 (AF members); $15 (Non-members)  | Book now 



Date: Sunday 26 May – 2 pm 

 Preceded by the short film Thermostat 6 (4min50)  GOBELINS School 

Rating: PG 

In French with English subtitles 
France, Belgium, 201584mins
Director: Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol 

Voices: Edouard Baer, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Audrey Tautou 

Genre: Animation, Fantasy 

Synopsis:  Leo, a 11-year-old young boy, is critically ill but has developed the extraordinary power to duplicate and become invisible. With the help of Alex, a policeman, they will fights against a devilish gangster, “the man with a broken face”, who tries to take control over New York City. Unfortunately, they only have 24 hours to save the city. 

For children from 7 years old. 

Tickets:  $8 (AF members); $10 (Non-members)  | Book now

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(The Horn Quartet) 


Date: Sunday 26 May – 4pm 

For children from 3 years old. 

Rating: PG
In French with English subtitles 

France, Belgium, 201827mins 

Directors: Benjamin Botella, Emmanuelle Gorgiard 

Voices: Anaëlle Manquest, Maia Baran, Raphaelle Bruneau 

Genre: Animation, Family 


AglaéRosine, Clarisse and Marguerite are four cows with a very definite personality. One day, under the advice of a seagull, they decide to undertake a journey towards the sea. But the four cows have never been farther than their little meadow… They will discover an unknown world, full of adventure, encounters, discoveries, quarrels and reconciliations. The four friends have never been so united! 




(Downpour at Sous-Bois-Les-Bains) 


Rating: PG
In French with English subtitles 

France, 201827mins 

Director: Matthieu Auvray 

Voices: Sebastien Pierre, Sören Prévost, Laurent Morteau 

Genre: Animation, Family 


Non-Non is fed up with his monotonous life in Sous-Bois-Les-Bains. With his friend the crab Magaïveur, they decide to go on an adventure. But alas! The rain arrives to thwart their plans! It rains cats and dogs for days and the little village soon disappears underwater. The platypus Non-Non becomes the captain of an original boat and has the mission to ensure a safe journey for his friends. Non-Non wanted some adventure, here starts a big one! 

Snacks: 4.00pm | Screening: 4.30pm 

Tickets: $13.00 (AF members) and $15.00 (Non-members)   | Book now

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COURTS LA NUIT (Shorts at Night)


Date: Sunday, 26 May 2019 – 7pm |  Book your seat

Rating: M18 – Nudity
In French with English subtitles
France, 75 min

The screenings curated for Shorts at Night presents the opportunity to discover the vast diversity that animated films have to offer. Through the course of these seven short films, you are invited to journey through the worlds of different characters who are faced with the realities of love, death, fear, sexuality, existentialism – or quite simply, with life.

Preceded by the short film Hors de l’eau (8min15) by the GOBELINS School

La mort, père et fils (The death, father and son) (13 mins)

Nominated for Best Animated Short Film César Award 2019 

Raymonde ou l’évasion verticale (Raymonde or the Vertical escape(17 mins)

Nominated for Best Animated Short Film César Award 2019 


Pépé le morse (Grandpa Walrus(15 mins)

Winner of Best Animated Short Film César Award 2018 

Public Choice Prize Annecy Festival 2017 

Cannes Festival official selection 

Hybrids (7 mins)

Running for Oscars 2019 competition 

Lettres de femmes (Women’s letters)  (12 mins)

Nominated for Best Animated Short Film César Award 2014 

Winner of Public Choice Prize Annecy Festival 2013 

Sous tes doigts (Under your fingers(13 mins)

Nominated for Best Animated Short Film César Award 2016 

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Following the screening of Dilili  à Paris, Jean-Claude Charles will take part in a Q&A session with the audience.

He will also conduct a master class organized at the School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) – Nanyang Polytechnic at 2.30pm.  

Jean-Claude Charles – animator and set-up director for Dilili à Paris

Jean-Claude Charles worked with Michel Ocelot as animator and assistant director on several films, such as Azur & AsmarTales of the NightKirikou and the Men and Women, and the latest one Dilili in Paris. His daughter Prunelle gave her voice to the character of Dilili.

In 25 years, Jean-Claude Charles has experienced the whole process of creating a film through different positions he held (animator, 3D puppets manufacturer, animation director and assistant director). He has learnt to understand the constraints around direction (whether it’s an advertising film, a documentary, a video game, an animation series, a live feature film or an animation film) and also to appreciate team work. Dilili in Paris is his 4th film with Michel Ocelot.

Friday, 24 May 2019 – 2.30pm

Venue: School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) – Nanyang Polytechnic 

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 Untitled picture



FREE ENTRANCE | Limited seats – Book now









Date: Friday, 24 May 2019 – 8 pm
Rating: TBC- Please wait for rating to be out before buying tickets for 21 years and below.
France, 2018, 7mins
Directors: Maximilien BougeoisQuentin DuboisMarine GoalardIrina Nguyen-DucPierre Pervey 
Genre: Animation

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A little green bird with long legs has just laid its first egg. It’s going to try everything to make it hatch.  

Untitled picture

The Green Bird is a graduation movie, created by five students from MOPA School in Arles, France. After they released it in 2017, the film has been awarded Best Film in the International Animation category of the Student Academy Awards 2018, granted by the Oscars Academy. 


Partnership of French and Singaporean Animation Schools

Before some screenings, discover graduation movies from French School GOBELINS. Students from Nanyang Polytechnic will present these films following a correspondence established with their French counterparts. 

Untitled picture


 Founded more than 50 years ago, GOBELINS School is one of the best animation schools in the world. It specialises in many other different arts of image, such as photography, motion design, video games, etc. 




The School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM) thrives on providing a dynamic mix of creativity, the applied arts, interactive and digital media design and technology. The SIDM believe in collaborating with industry and educational partners.