Saturday 08 May 09:00 am to Saturday 19 June 05:30 pm

La galerie , Alliance Française de Singapour

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The turn of the 20th century witnessed one of the most sustained periods of formal inventiveness in art history. From Impressionism in the 1870s to Surrealism well into the 1960s, there seemed to be an insatiable desire for experimentation and for finding new means of representation, particularly through the medium of painting.

Gathering contemporary artists from Europe and Southeast Asia, this exhibition examines the enduring legacy of Modern Art on artists and their practice today. Under the overhanging influence of former masters who, like father figures, can be both instructive and overbearing, how do artists today assert their individuality while remaining rooted in the heritage of the art world?

Situating the production of art in today’s hyperconnected world – with the proliferation of new media art and the need to reach an audience in the context of a pandemic – here at Alliance Française de Singapour, we invite you to the “Salon des Influenceurs” to be part of a reunion of 11 international artists of our time. A reference to the “Salon des indépendants” of the previous century which hosted the pioneers of Modern Art, we offer an insider’s look into the works of contemporary artists, allowing you to discover the many cross-cultural influences and trends emerging in the world of painting today. Curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck.

Free entry. 

Due to enhanced safe distancing measures, we strongly advise all participants to book their slots in advance. 
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Please note that following the latest government's announcements, the capacity of the gallery is now limited to 13 persons with groups of no more than 5 individuals.

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Saturday 19 June 04:00 pm