As Laura Secorun Palet mentioned in USA today :

‘The French are a proud bunch, especially when it comes to their mother tongue. So it must have been hard for them to take a backseat and watch English become the lingua franca of the 21st century.’

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 But because what is known as the language of Love – in case you ever doubted about it – is set to reclaim its title when it becomes the world’s most commonly spoken language by the year 2050, according to a study by Natixis. Tide looks like turning. It is soon to be the new Phrasebook to offer to your colleagues for Christmas if not already. And aside ordering your Breakfast at Tiffany’s in French, you might consider also starting making plan for more business in French.

Actual figures in Singapore show already a significant improvement of French companies’ presence: More than 600 companies registered in French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore in 2016 for a total of more of 40 000 employees, ranging from one-employee start-ups to multinationals. FCCS saw an increase of 84% of its database since 2010.

With French creativity extending across a multitude of economic sectors and France being the sixth largest economy, no wonder it is a leading destination for global businesses.


In this increasingly French speaking environment, social and professional, getting a language proficiency is becoming more than classy asset to impress audience during company’s D&D. Learning and Development Managers, HR Director and future oriented C level Officers now consider it as a multi-advantages scheme.

Not only it can answer direct needs such as employees’ relocation, business development with French speaking partners and prospects, reachability of French speaking audience and customers, it is also a great tool for team bonding, talents fostering and employees’ loyalty to their company by gathering them around shared objective to accomplish together.

And beyond the perspective of skill development, it is also the role of nowadays team managers, or team builders, to create a company culture by offering chances to keep advancing and discovering in their career and lives. Offering French classes with Alliance Française de Singapour is a unique experience to touch an understanding of cultural and social expressions/interactions for those working with us French people – why do we cheek kiss every morning ??- and facilitate the get-together needed.

For decades now, Alliance Française de Singapour has been daily bringing to multiple companies – French or not, multinationals or SMEs, private or public institutions including Ministries and higher education institutions – its expertise through a wide choice of learning solutions. All tailor-made, all customized, all for you. More than 80 groups chose us as trusted partner. At office, at our premises, in group or on one to one, our dedicated team is here to guide students to their goals and make it a tremendous moment.  Alliance Française network offer corporate tuition to over 80000 in the world through 800 centers in 2015. In Singapore, over 250 students met our teachers in 2016 and counting.

Our experience with Alliance Française has been a true partnership. AF has considered our needs and has been able to place an expert teacher who meets the qualifications to teach at the CIA

Eve Felder – Head of Culinary Institute of America.

These goals can be proficiency, mind opening, shared social moment and it can also be officially acknowledged by certifications – Alliance Française being the only center for French language certifications in Singapore. In a competitive but yet rewarding world, accomplishment can also be a new line on their resume with one of the official certifications such as DELF – DALF diplomas or the Professional French Language certifications panel offered by Paris Chamber of Commerce as DFP.

Altogether, Alliance Française de Singapour is here to contribute to companies and institutions new tomorrow and its French language arising perspectives and markets:

“They’ve been defensive for decades in preserving the purity of the language of love from the threat of globalisation. But now it seems all will have paid off for the French […] thanks to growing francophone populations in sub-Saharan Africa.” (Isabel Hunter – Daily Mail – December 2015)

At the end of the day, learning the French language remains a journey that you prepare for the benefit of your colleagues and/or employees as any HR management project. A good way to create also mutual appreciation because anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.

“The most important is to define what is the goal of the courses and what do you want to achieve. Your colleagues need to know what they want to achieve too.

Our staff is interacting regularly with French colleagues. So, it was interesting for them to become comfortable while discussing with French speaking counterparts.

Alliance Française was very supportive and came with good suggestions to build these courses.

Trusting them was the wisest choice.”

Julien LAB COO –  Targo IT Consulting GmbH Singapore Branch

For more information on corporate tuition – please visit

Singapore-France business facts :

  • Singapore is the largest export destination for France in Southeast Asia and it is third largest in Asia.
  • Among the European Union member states, France is Singapore’s third largest trading partner and fifth largest investor.
  • Singapore is the largest export destination for France in South Asia, with 5.4 billion euros in 2015. A year after the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and France, the Créative France campaign showcases France’s key strengths in its industry, its innovation, particularly in research and development and in its vibrant arts and culture. (2016)

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