A basic course in Conversational Mandarin

Lively and interactive Mandarin lessons that effectively develop your conversational skills – be it for work or social communication, anywhere, anytime!

Scenario-based activities are intricately woven into each lesson unit to provide you with ample opportunities to explore, develop and consolidate your Mandarin speaking skills. Learn how to initiate questions, respond to enquiries and make suggestions etc.

Selected poems and rhymes integrate seamlessly with the syllabus and are the highlight of this programme, throwing light on language application as well as enriching and enlivening your learning experience.

In essence, this is a comprehensive Conversational Mandarin training programme that jump starts beginners, yet offers sufficient challenge for learners with some foundation to test their speaking skills, develop speech fluency and speaking confidence.


Level 1 (for beginners): From 01/09/2020 to 17/11/2020.
Every Tuesday from 7.00pm  to 8.30pm. 
Price: S$350 (incl. GST) 

Level 2: From 31/08/2020 to 16/11/2020.
Every Monday from 7.00pm  to 8.30pm.
Price: S$350 (incl. GST) 

Level 3: From 02/09/2020 to 18/11/2020.
Every Wednesday from 7.00pm  to 8.30pm.
Price: S$350 (incl. GST) 

Level 4PLUS: From 03/09/2020 to 19/11/2020.
Every Thursday from 7.00pm  to 8.30pm.
Price: S$350 (incl. GST) 


Trainer Profile

ADDIE TAN has been designing and conducting service language training programmes for the hospitality industry in the past 15 years.  Apart from her professional discipline in applied linguistics as well as qualification in translation and interpretation, she has cross-cultural work experience locally and abroad as well as an excellent working knowledge of the service industry. She speaks English, Mandarin and French.