Zouzous 4 Franco (Age 5)

Zouzous 4 Franco Aged 5

Starting at the Zouzous 4 level (for children aged 5), children can join French as a mother tongue classes on the condition that their listening comprehension and oral production is that of a native child. Indeed, in this class, the activities led by the teachers are similar to those offered in a French preschool. Activities are age-appropriate and focus more on developing speech complexity: children do build a solid basis in French language though various themes and continue to work on phonetics as well as enriching their vocabulary through the use of albums helping develop reading comprehension.

This class is the preparation class for children to register in FrancoKids 1-CP class.

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8 weeks – once a week
1h30 per class / 12 students per class
$420 per term (incl. GST)

NEW children have to take a placement test prior to any registration to assess their level in French. Please contact the reception to arrange an appointment: 67378422

Do not hesitate to send us a message or call us at 67378422 should you have any questions

Important notice: Alliance Française is following the MOH, MOE and CPE recommendations and is taking measures to enhance protection against the Wuhan Coronavirus. More info here.