Kiddies (Age 6)


Based on innovative French immersion teaching methods, language-learning becomes fun! Using Tatou le Matou textbook and workbook, teachers present the language and culture through tailored activities all in French. Children learn how to introduce themselves and others in French, talk about their immediate environment, and express their wishes, needs, and desires. Children are encouraged to interact in French during the class through various activities: stories, creative projects, songs, and educational games.

Programme: Tatou le Matou is a one-year programme divided into 4 modules. It takes one term to complete one or two modules,  click here to download the detailed curriculum. Module 4 is the last level of the Tatou le Matou programme, your child can then continue with Les Loustics 1.

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Days: weekdays 4.30-6pm or Saturdays 12-1.30pm
Duration: 8 weeks
Hours: 1.5 hours/class/week (12 hours)
Price: $260 per session (including GST

Do not hesitate to send us a message or call us at 67378422 should you have any questions