Alliance Française offers the possibility to sit for the standardized test of the Paris Chamber of Commerce (TEF) or from the French Ministry of Education (TCF). These tests are the French equivalent of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) or ELTS (ECCMA Language Translation Schema).


Validity: 2 years (TCF) or 1 year (TEF)

For a complete overview of 2018 exams calendar, click here.

Please note that 2 passport size pictures are requested and a copy of ID document for all versions TCF exams.

CCI Paris Ile de France has developped an application for you to train in autonomy and fully get prepared to take the TEF exam. Download the application, click here

Important  Notices:

As for January 2017 , There is no longer hard copy certificate edited for TEFAQ and TEF for French citizenship. Candidates will receive it by email.  

For  2018 application to French Universities and schools : Once session a year  of TCF DAP examination will be held. Examination and registration dates  known by mid -2017.    

Exam dates 2017
Registrations periods
TEF 15 February
09.01 to 21.01
TCF 15 March
30.01 to 11.02
TEF 12 April
06.03 to 18.03
TCF 14 June
01.05 to 13.05
Exam dates 2017
Registrations periods
TEF 12 July
05.06 to 17.06
TCF 13 September
01.08 to 12.08
TEF 11 October
04.09 to 16.09
TEF 06 December
06.11 to 18.11

No TEF or TCF in January , May, August and November

Tariffs 2017 (GST incl)
TEF / TCF épreuves obligatoires:
TEF / TCF épreuve optionnelle:
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 1 épreuve
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 2 épreuves
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 3 épreuves
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 4 épreuves
TEF Canada (4 épreuves)
TEF / TCF Nationalité française


For more information on TEF/ TCF exams, please contact academic@alliancefrancaise.org.sg or 6833 9310

Please note that to replace/ reproduce any of international examination certificate a fee of $65.00 will apply.

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