CINÉ-KIDS April 2018




The wind in the reeds

Sunday, 29 April 2018 – 4pm

Rating: G

60mins | France | 2017
Animation, Family

In French with English subtitles

Director: Nicolas Liguori et Arnaud Demuynck
Voices: Django Schrevens Da Silva, Lily Demuynck-Deydier, Christian Léonard
Synopsis: Eliette lives in a country where music has been banned by the king. A wandering minstrel has his instruments confiscated. He is not the sort of person to like being told what to do. He makes friends with Eliette who has made a flute from a wild reed in secret. Together they will lead the people in a rebellion against tyranny.

Snack: 4pm | Screening: 4.30pm

S$10.00 (AF members and kids) and S$12.00 (Non-members)


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