CINÉ-KIDS July 2017


(Mia and the Migoo)

Date: Sunday, 2 July 2017 – 4pm

Rating: PG
In French with English subtitles
France, Italy | 2008 | 91 min
Director: Rémi Chayé
Voices: Iouri Tcherenkov, Antoine Lanciaux, Jacques-Rémi Girerd, Benoît Chieux
Genre: Animation, Family
Synopsis: One night Mia has a premonition. So after saying a few words of parting at her mother’s grave, she sets out on a journey across mountains and jungles to search for her father, who is trapped in a landslide at a remote construction site.

Snack: 4pm | Screening: 4.30pm

S$8.00 (AF members and kids) and S$10.00 (Non-members)

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