Alliance française de Singapour offers in-house tests that certify language competencies achieved after some French courses. It is also the ONLY official examination centre for international French language diplomas such as the DELF and DALF, the DFP, the TCF and TEF. Please note that registration for international certification is to be made at Alliance française reception desk.  Online registration for main TEF  and TCF versions are available during the indicated registration periods.

Alliance française de Singapour Certificates of French Language Achievement are offered every two sub-level and issued after taking a French language test. The tests assess the content that has been covered in class. Their validity is restricted to Singapore. The tests are not compulsory.

Alliance française Certificate of French for the Beginner Level A1
Beginner A1.1 (test to be taken after the Beginner 2 or 3 course according to class pace)
Beginner A1    (test to be taken after the Beginner 4 or 6 course according to class pace)

Alliance française Certificate of French for the Intermediate Level A2
Intermediate A2.1 (test to be taken after the Intermediate 2 or 3 course according to class pace)
Intermediate A2    (test to be taken after the Intermediate 4 or 6 course according to class pace)

Alliance française Certificate of French for the Advanced Level B1
Advanced 1 B1.1  (test to be taken after the Advanced 2 or 3 course according to class pace)
Advanced 2 B1.2 (test to be taken after the Advanced 4 or 6 course according to class pace)
Advanced 3 B1    (test to be taken after the Advanced 6  or 9 course according to class pace)

AF certificate 02

Certificates are delivered 3 weeks after the test was taken. Results of the tests are also available on individual online student account.
Alliance française de Singapour‘s certificates can be reproduced at a fee of $17.00 (incl GST).

DELF (Diplôme élémentaire de langue française) and DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) are organized and delivered by the French Ministry of Education. These diplomas assessing your level in French language are internationally recognized and have lifetime validity.
Alliance française is the only official centre for the international exams and tests offered by the French Ministry of Education.

Who can take the exam?

Anybody can take any of the 6 exams testing 6 different levels according to their level of proficiency. You do not have to take the exams in a chronological way. You can take as many exams as you want in one session.

This is an overview of what is commonly accepted:

Level (CERF)
Standard accessibility
Equivalence with AF courses
after 80 hrs
Beginner level (Alter Ego + 1)
after 240 hrs
Intermediate level (Alter Ego + 2)
after 400 hrs
Advanced level (Edito B1)
after 600 hrs
Superior level (Edito B2)
Focused proficiency
after 800 hrs
Expert level (Alter Ego 4+)
Global proficiency
after 1000 hrs
Expert level (Alter Ego 4+)
Tariffs 2017 (GST incl):
A1 :$105
A2 :$105
B1 :$160
B2 :$160
C1 : $230
C2 : $230

Session dates

There are 2 sessions per year.

Session I at Alliance française: 18-26 May 2017

Registration for Session I: 18 February – 11 March 2017 @  Alliance française reception desk

Session II at Alliance française: 16 – 24 November 2017

Registration for Session II: 19 August – 09 September 2017 @  Alliance française reception desk

For a complete overview of DELF – DALF exams 2017 calendar, click here.

For a complete overview of all exams calendar, click here

DELF exams exist in Adults,  Junior (13 to 17 years old)  and Prim (8 to 12 years old) versions. DALF exists only in Adults version.

Junior version offers from A1 to B2.  Prim version offers from A1 to A2 and a unique discovery sublevel A1.1 (after approximately 60h) to encourage young learners.

Please note that Alliance française do offer special preparation DELF/DALF exam courses conducted by certified DELF/DALF training teachers. More information in the Focus courses section, click here.


For more information on DELF/DALF exams, please contact Baptiste Chauveau @ 6833 9310 or

Please note that to replace/ reproduce any of international examination certificate,
a fee of $65.00 will apply.


Delf DalfDELFjunior  DelfPrim

Diplôme de français professionnel (DFP) are external examinations organized by the Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie de Paris (CCIP) and are business oriented certification.

Alliance française de Singapour is a partner of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and organizes the professional diplomas of the CCIP. Special exam coaching classes can be scheduled any time on request, either in private tuition or in small semi-private groups.
Existing Categories :

DFP Affaires A1 to C1
DFP Juridique B2
DFP Médical B2
DFP Secrétariat B1
DFP Tourisme et Hôtellerie B1
DFP Scientifique et Technique B1
Exam dates 2017
Registrations periods
16 June
22 April to 20 May
08 December
14 October until 13 November
Tariffs 2017 (GST Incl):
DFP Affaires A1 & A2: $200
DFP Affaires B1 to C1: $300
For other versions : Kindly contact us.


For more information on DFP exams, please contact Baptiste Chauveau @ 6833 9310 or

Please note that to replace/ reproduce any of international examination certificate,
a fee of $65.00 will apply.





DAEFLE is a diploma provided by the Alliance française Paris Ile de France through the CNED (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance). This diploma is designed for teachers or for people who intend to teach French as a Foreign Language.

The Alliance française de Singapour is under license as exam center for organizing 2 sessions per year scheduled by Alliance française de Paris.

Test préalable (examination to be done online from candidate home during the indicated period) 

Exam dates 2017
Registrations periods
 24 May to 02 June
20 March to 07 April 
 29 November to 07 December
25 September to 13 October

Test Final (at Alliance française premises)

Exam dates
Registrations periods
14 June
22 April to 12 May
13 December
23 October to 10 November

Tariffs 2017 (GST incl)
Test préalable : $125
Test final: $550

For more information on DAEFLE exams, please contact Baptiste Chauveau @ 6833 9310 or

Please note that to replace/ reproduce any of international examination certificate,
a fee of $65.00 will apply.



Alliance française offers the possibility to sit for the standardized test of the Paris Chamber of Commerce (TEF) or from the French Ministry of Education (TCF). These tests are the French equivalent of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) or ELTS (ECCMA Language Translation Schema).


  • French proficiency test officially recognised by French -universities and application procedures for admission in Grandes Ecoles (see reference list at Espace CampusFrance)
  • French proficiency test officially recognised by the Canadian High Commission for emigration candidates (TEFAQ, TCF Québec)

Validity: 2 years (TCF) or 1 year (TEF)

Please note that 2 passport size pictures are requested and a copy of ID document for all versions TCF exams.

CCI Paris Ile de France has developped an application for you to train in autonomy and fully get prepared to take the TEF exam. Download the application, click here

Important  Notices:

As for January 2017 , There is no longer hard copy certificate edited for TEFAQ and TEF for French citizenship. Candidates will receive it by email.  

For  2018 application to French Universities and schools : Once session a year  of TCF DAP examination will be held. Examination and registration dates  known by mid -2017.    

Exam dates 2017
Registrations periods
TEF 15 February
09.01 to 21.01
TCF 15 March
30.01 to 11.02
TEF 12 April
06.03 to 18.03
TCF 14 June
01.05 to 13.05
Exam dates 2017
Registrations periods
TEF 12 July
05.06 to 17.06
TCF 13 September
01.08 to 12.08
TEF 11 October
04.09 to 16.09
TEF 06 December
06.11 to 18.11

No TEF or TCF in January , May, August and November

Tariffs 2017 (GST incl)
TEF / TCF épreuves obligatoires:
TEF / TCF épreuve optionnelle:
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 1 épreuve
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 2 épreuves
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 3 épreuves
TEFAQ / TCF Quebec 4 épreuves
TEF Canada (4 épreuves)
TEF / TCF Nationalité française
TEF – TCF Register online


For more information on TEF/ TCF exams, please contact Baptiste Chauveau @ 6833 9310 or

Please note that to replace/ reproduce any of international examination certificate a fee of $65.00 will apply.





Depuis son lancement, le service en ligne Mon projet Québec a connu un très fort achalandage de la part de candidats qui souhaitent présenter une demande de Certificat de sélection du Québec. Cette situation peut rendre l’accès à Mon projet Québec difficile, puisque seul un nombre limité d’utilisateurs peut se brancher simultanément à la plateforme. Dans un souci de donner aux candidats la possibilité de créer leur compte et de remplir leur demande en vue de la prochaine période de réception des demandes, le Ministère a décidé d’adapter cette période afin de laisser plus de temps aux candidats.
Ainsi :

  • les candidats auront jusqu’au 25 janvier 2016 pour créer leur compte dans l’espace sécurisé Mon projet Québec;
    • après cette date, il ne sera plus possible de créer un nouveau compte pour la période de réception en cours;
  • entre le 26 janvier et le 15 février 2016, les candidats qui disposent d’un compte Mon projet Québec pourront y accéder pour remplir le formulaire Demande de certificat de sélection du Québec en ligne;
  • à compter du 16 février 2016, il sera possible de soumettre sa demande et de payer les frais exigés. La période de réception des demandes se terminera le 31 mars 2016.

Pour plus d’information, visitez :

Ouverture le 18 janvier prochain des dépôts de demande de certificat de sélection du Québec (en ligne à partir de cette date). Le nouvel outil en ligne sera disponible un peu avant cette date afin que les candidats puissent commencer à compléter leur demande avant la date de soumission.

Toute l’information est disponible sur le site Internet du Québec :
en français :

in English:

Signature of an agreement with the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion du Québec (Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion of Quebec)
In February 2015, Alliance Française de Singapour signed an agreement with the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion du Québec. This partnership aims to foster French language learning and knowledge of the Quebec society among applicants for immigration to Quebec. Through the signature of this agreement, the Ministry acknowledges Alliance française de Singapour as one of its partners for French language learning and language examination recognised for immigration purposes.

Accredited language tests
French language is the official language of Quebec. Skills in this language increase the immigration applicants’ possibilities to be selected by Quebec. They indeed earn more points on the grid used by the Ministry to select immigrants. To do so, they shall submit the results obtained in one of the French language tests recognised by the Ministry (list available here).

Reimbursement of French language course expenses
French language skills allow immigrants to easily integrate into both the labour market and Quebec society. Applicants are encouraged to further pursue French language learning throughout the immigration process. The Ministry can moreover reimburse up to 1 500 Canadian $ to immigrants who studied French language at Alliance française de Singapour after getting their Quebec selection certificate. To determine whether you qualify for this measure, please check the requirements.

What if your future was in Quebec?
Quebec is a dynamic and open society, looking for applicants in several fields such as information and communication technologies, administration, business or finance.

You require further information regarding the Quebec labour market and way of life as well as the procedure to follow in order to immigrate to Quebec? Kindly register for a free online information session, visiting the MIDI website.

Entente entre le Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion du Québec et l’Alliance française de Singapour
En février 2015, l’Alliance française de Singapour a signé une entente avec le Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion du Québec. Ce partenariat vise à favoriser l’apprentissage du français chez les personnes désirant immigrer au Québec, ainsi que leur connaissance de la société québécoise. Par la signature de cette entente, le Ministère reconnaît l’Alliance française de Singapour comme l’un de ses partenaires en matière d’apprentissage du français et de passation des examens linguistiques reconnus aux fins d’immigration.

Tests linguistiques reconnus et remboursement des frais de cours de français
Le français est la langue officielle du Québec. La connaissance de cette langue permet aux personnes candidates à l’immigration d’accroître leur possibilité d’être sélectionnées par le Québec. Elles obtiennent en effet davantage de points à la grille utilisée par le Ministère pour la sélection des personnes immigrantes. Pour ce faire, elles doivent présenter les résultats obtenus à l’un des tests d’évaluation du français reconnus par le Ministère, dont la liste est disponible ici.

Par ailleurs, les compétences dans cette langue permettent aux personnes immigrantes de mieux s’intégrer au marché du travail et à la société en général. Les candidates et les candidats sont donc encouragés à continuer l’apprentissage du français tout au long du processus d’immigration. D’ailleurs, le Ministère peut rembourser jusqu’à 1 500 $ canadiens aux personnes immigrantes qui ont suivi des cours de français à l’Alliance française de Singapour après l’obtention de leur Certificat de sélection du Québec. Pour savoir si vous êtes admissible à cette mesure, veuillez consulter les conditions.

Et si votre avenir était au Québec?
Le Québec est une société dynamique et ouverte, à la recherche de candidats et de candidates dans plusieurs secteurs dont les technologies de l’information et des communications et l’administration, les affaires et la finance.

Vous souhaitez obtenir davantage d’information sur le marché du travail et le style de vie québécois ainsi que sur les démarches pour immigrer au Québec? Inscrivez-vous à une séance d’information en ligne gratuite, en visitant le site Internet du MIDI.