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10% off storewide at with the promo code "fesseconfortable"

10% off storewide at with the promo code “fesseconfortable”

Singapore Sites

Singapore Art Museum

National Gallery – Reframing Modernism

Air France

Culture-ASEF – Asia-Europe Cultural Exchange

F*** Magazine

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory



French Media

AFP – French Press Agency

FNAC – The place to order books and records

Le Monde – The leading daily newspaper


Radio France International

TF1 – private French TV

France2 - public French TV

TV5Monde Asie – international channel in French with program from various French speaking countries

France24 – international news TV in French, English and Arabic


French Institutions

Fondation Alliance française in Paris

Alliance française de Paris – Alliance Française homepage in Paris

Ambassade de France - French Embassy in Singapore

Ministère de l’Education – French Ministry of Education

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères – French Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ministère de la Culture – French Ministry of Culture

Travel information – Hotel bookings and car rental

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Association Française de Singapour

French Alumni

Lycée français de Singapour


Unifrance Film – Promoting French cinema worldwide